How to filter/search text from div using jquery?

How to filter/search text from div with jquery for upper- and lowercase?

/--------- Source--------/
    <label for="search">Search from here:</label>
    <input id="searchme" name="search" type="text" />
<div id="searchID">
      <li><strong>Name :</strong> Akash Sathvara</li>
      <li><strong>Profession :</strong> Web Developer</li>
      <li><strong>Expert in :</strong>Php, Codeigniter, Laravel, Wordpress, Mysql, Mssql, Javascript</li>
      <li><strong>I'M web developer in Ahmedabad,Gujarat -INDIA</strong></li>
      <li><strong>This is a simple demo for searching a text from div using jquery.Hope this will help you. Thank you.</strong></li>

/--------- jquery --------/
    var text = $(this).val();
    var value = text.toUpperCase();
    $("#searchID > ul > li").each(function() {
      if ($(this).text().toUpperCase().search(value) > -1) {
      else {